Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stolen Valor

It is doubtful that tonight’s post will earn me any honors for investigatory journalism.

In fact, the subject matter that I would like to discuss has already headlined Drudge, has been discussed (and, here is a website that I never anticipated voluntarily linking to) on the Daily Kos, and has been the source of conversation for my favorite collection of Special Forces veterans.

Yet, for the small and focused audience that is maintained here at Educated Soldier, I had to ensure that this story becomes fully known.

Hillary Clinton recently, out of the blue, consciously and undeniably fabricated a story in order to falsely bolster her credibility. Whereas many of us truly put our lives on the line, and because of such, earn the right to tell stories of relative valor, Senator Clinton cowardly and inexplicably made her past up.

The outlook darkens for Clinton. It was not the Educated Soldier responsible for exposing Senator Clinton of her dastardly fib. Nay, her false retelling of a combat visit to the Balkans during his husband’s administration has been exposed by CBS! This is the same left-leaning CBS that provided safe-haven while Dan Rather developed an overtly biased hit piece on President Bush. Even CBS, happy for so long to propagate liberal rhetoric, could hardly stomach squashing this one.

The Facts:

I have been presented with plenty of evidence to convince me that I should fear the prospects of an Obama Presidency. I have even soured on John McCain in certain aspects. But nothing….


…is as angering as this episode. What do we now know about Senator Clinton?

  • Not only is she confirmed as a liar, but she is confirmed as a woman unashamed to give herself credit in a manner that degrades the genuine sacrifices made by others. Stolen valor is the single worst type of theft.

  • She is insecure about her past record. Had Senator Clinton authentic international credibility gained from serving in truly hostile areas, surely this bold lie would be unwarranted.

And, the scariest observation:

  • Senator Clinton is willing to sacrifice her very integrity to win. What more does an individual have than their own personal integrity? The willingness to so easily give it away suggests that Senator Clinton may have even have less trouble sacrificing what means little to her: namely all that is important to you and I.

I plead with each that read Educated Soldier. Please make sure you inform everyone you know about the true character of Hillary Clinton and, please, keep this in mind when you have the opportunity to vote.

Finally, I want, in closing, to express to you just how angry this issue makes me. I follow closely the trials of individuals that fake military achievements. In fact, the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 makes it illegal to sport military decorations not earned. I suggest that it should be just as illegal to falsify acts of bravery in your attempt to secure the highest office in all the land.

But, friends, this is personal. Hillary Clinton claims to have “landed under sniper fire” during her trip to the Balkans. She lied. Allow me to disclose with you something very true: During my year in Ramadi, Iraq I had the great misfortune with being at least somewhat responsible with putting a soldier in a position where he ultimately lost his life at the hands of very real sniper fire. I swear to you, before every mission for nearly a half year of that tour I went to bed thinking of that sniper.

I would like Senator Clinton’s political adviser such as the one in the video above attempt to explain to me (or to a fallen soldier’s family) how she “misspoke.” Hillary Clinton did not make a mistake. She lied.

Hillary Clinton does not deserve your respect. Hillary Clinton, quite frankly, does not deserve the twenty minutes I just wasted on her in writing this. And she surely does not deserve to be our President.


Dieps said...

Amen Steve. Hillary has been exposed as a poser. Please allow me to say thank you. My son is currently serving in Ramadi - your service and sacrifices have mede that area a much different and safer place. Thanks to you, your fellow Soldiers, Marines and Sailors.

Diana said...

I agree...Amen...Hopefully the end of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Oh, by the way, why has she chose to drop Rodham from her name?????
Did she think we would think she was too much of a feminist????

Richard said...

If you would like to hear from a fellow vet on Stolen Valor visit the following link to read the full text of the letter sent to Pennsylvania Progressive from a vet who served in Bosnia.


Keep up the great work and spread the word. Thank you

Rick Owens

The Goldmans said...

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