Friday, May 25, 2007

The Abortion Issue...

Today I want to discuss a broad topic. I guess you could almost consider this a mini-manifesto or a developing platform of sorts. The idea for such a text was spawned by a conversation that I had with a more Liberal-leaning buddy of mine over the subject of abortion. I, of course, am staunchly Pro-Life.

Allow me to explain.

War and its illustrations of massive loss have left me numb towards the feeling of empathy over the deaths of people that I do not know. So, when it comes to a fetus being aborted, on a certain level, I really don’t care. This, for me, is not an issue of religion or ethics.

To me, it is a question of morals.

More specifically, abortion is just another of those social vulnerabilities that lead to American moral decay. I am against any program whose social welfare goals allow immature people to make incessant irresponsible decisions. Do I see times when abortion is inevitable? Of course; rape is an example of such a situation. However, easily accessible abortions inevitably cause people to make decisions that lead to abortions. I know the subject is more complex then the following syllogism, however- at its crux- it all boils down to this: less accessible abortion procedures equal less abortion opportunities. I truly believe that.

I am a Republican and I am a conservative. I am not on the “Religious Right.” I make mistakes and I live as a young man in a progressive world. However, even I can see certain moral fibers unraveling in this country. It is not television and rap music that is causing this disturbing dynamic. Instead, I believe it is the over-reliance that irresponsible citizens have on the social welfare state. I feel that less government intervention in most issues means that more people have to live up to their decisions: “Daddy” (government intervention) shouldn’t be the crutch to always lean on. If one is not willing to invest preliminary time into developing a wise decision, what proof is there that one would be willing to invest the required time post-decision living with their actions?

This is just something that I have been mulling over; just to give you an idea where your author is coming from. More discussion of current events coming soon…