Saturday, January 19, 2008

South Carolina and a Disheartening Mentality

Many details have prevented me from publishing an edition of Educated Soldier in the last week or so, but I will briefly discuss those issues at the conclusion of today’s post. At that point, I would also like to gloss over some other “administrative”-type housecleaning.

Today, however, is much too important of a day to delay tackling the major issues at hand.

Of course, the big news revolves around the Republican primary currently being conducted in South Carolina.

This is a big day for our candidate of choice, Senator Fred Thompson. He has made it thoroughly clear that South Carolina’s primary is one that will emphatically shape his following campaign. He needs a strong showing. However, he does not necessarily need a victory. The momentum that has been expressed towards his campaign since the Senator’s triumphant debate showing (evidence of which is found HERE – notice the up-tick in funds raised lately) has turned South Carolina from a “must win” to a “must capitalize.” If the numbers pan out as I would hope, a second or third place showing could leave Senator Thompson with a recipe for success: fund-raising momentum and tangible, growing ground support.

For, what its worth, I predict a second place finish for Senator Thompson today, grasping about 19% of the South Carolina vote.

I would recommend heading over to Blogs For Fred Thompson today. It is a very informative site for FredHeads. Moreover, during each of the major primaries, they open a thread where intelligent, informed, conversation transpires amongst interested followers. They also link to the best sites for real-time result tracking. Head over to the Blogs For Fred Thompson, wait for the discussion thread to open up and join me and others in tracking this momentous occasion.

Now to Something Sadly Disheartening...

Last weekend, I was driving home from my National Guard drill. When driving I prefer to listen to talk radio. Doing so seems to expedite the traveling. Driving north on I-275 in Tampa, I passed a vehicle with a bumper sticker advertising their talk radio station of choice. I am choosing not to advertise on their behalf so I will keep the station identity to myself. I decided to give the station an attempt; to see what it was all about. Alas, I turned it on and was quickly greeted with a call-in show flooded with liberal rhetoric. I followed the show nonetheless. For the most part, everything I heard was typical critical banter that one would expect from a show overtly dedicated to ideals of the Left. Then, one caller said something that really made me think:

“Barack Obama is my choice for President. He would bring pride in nation back to Americans.”

This ideology has been spinning in my head since I heard it that day. I hate to throw around the derogatory “Blame America First” designation, but I can hardly think of a better way to describe such a perspective. That the host of the show only agreed and encouraged such discourse is simply salt in a savage wound. Here is the question that I pose in response:

Why do you need a Presidential candidate to cement your pride in America?

Maybe it is because I have fairly substantial first-hand knowledge of the events, but I find it difficult to have anything but pride for a country that is willing to take a lead in defeating the most ferocious threats of our time. We are a country that is doing everything in our power to liberate and empower a foreign people. We are surely making mistakes in a tough period of time, but no mistakes are significant enough to dampen my pride in the United States.

Moreover, we are doing all of this while leaving the average American alone. I can nearly guarantee that the caller has little connection to the “inconveniences” of the world around her. No military draft has been instituted. The Patriot Act may have cramped civil liberties to a certain degree but the effects felt by the average American are minimal at best. Security is tighter at airports but most rational people would substitute taking aboard a plane their Venti Latte for the satisfaction on knowing that their flight is as secure as possible.

So why this lack of pride?

The Democratic Party depends upon a growing discourse of hate towards America by Americans to ensure political success.

When I fight with U.S. Army on my chest, I am happy of whom I represent. Apparently, patriotism is a value that has gone absent from the modern Left.

Administrative Notes

I just wanted to make readers aware of a few sites.

First, a couple of university friends and I conduct a radio show on the University of South Florida’s WBUL network. The topics center on sports. We entertain callers and attempt to provide informed analysis of sports both local and national. You can listen live or download the podcasts here: The Power Hour. Shows air Thursday nights, six to seven p.m. (Eastern).

Also, one of those above-mentioned roommates has begun a blog of his own. It also deals with sports and is located here : The State of the Sports Nation.

Delays between posts here at Educated Soldier may increase for the time being as I am tackling a new exciting term of school. I will attempt, however, to be diligent about posting. Until then, enjoy the primaries in South Carolina and Nevada.