Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Hindsight…

Might this be the most ill-fated advertisement of 2007?

I was reminded of this disgusting overture when I came across this news: General David Petraeus, architect of the successful “surge” strategy in Iraq, is under consideration for nomination to the position of NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander.

In case the above graphic is not recognizable, it was first run in the September 10th edition of the New York Times. It was financed by Moveon.org, a left-wing smear group. Of course, such a distasteful jab at a fine military officer wouldn’t have been deemed creditable if it weren’t for all the Democratic candidates that Moveon.org has successfully supported in the past.

What’s maybe most interesting (and I’ll let you practice your searching techniques as I rather NOT post a direct link to such a repugnant organization) is that Moveon.org continues, to this day, to defend their traitorous advertisement.

In conclusion, I can only wish the best for General Petraeus in whatever future position he takes on behalf of our country’s security. On the other hand, I can only remind the electorate during this crucial election year of the bedfellows that the Left continues to keep.