Friday, March 21, 2008

A Stoic Republican Fading on McCain

Today, I feel like a traitor to the Republican Party.

With all my heart, I want to unite with other G.O.P. members and support Senator John McCain. Even my preferred former Presidential candidate, Fred Thompson, has pledged his support for John McCain.

Nearly every motivation directs me to support McCain in the face of liberal candidates that I truly believe are fully out of control and very bad for the prospects of the United States.

But I can not. Yet.

And I encourage you to withhold your own support for McCain.

Please, I beg; wait until you know the full story.

Tonight, on the behest of peer military members that I know through a message board community, I ordered the book, An Enormous Crime (the link is the publisher’s, this ONE, with reviews, is from Amazon).

Since I have yet to read the book and look forward to doing so, I am going to reserve my ultimate judgment of John McCain. However, from the reviews I have read and the conversations I have partaken, this book nearly definitively places blame on a profound cover-up upon McCain and fellow Senator John Kerry. Apparently, McCain, Kerry, and a few others were influential in ceasing our government’s pursuit of American prisoners left in Vietnam.

This seems an unthinkable offense of John McCain’s, he being a former P.O.W. himself. However, those with better knowledge than I see McCain’s apparent offense as a very authentic occurrence. See: This heartfelt letter, this organization of Veterans opposed to McCain, among others.

Besides the illegal immigration / amnesty bill, I have little reason to buck McCain’s campaign – especially in the face of opposition that genuinely scares me. That being said, should this book prove truthful, Senator John McCain becomes a candidate that I can not, in good faith, vote for.

Evidenced by this vetted community of Special Forces soldiers, most of those knowledgeable of an Enormous Crime and its subject matter have already rebuked McCain.

God help us.

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Diana said...

First, I want to say I like your new web site.
Second....WOW.....I can't believe that you are thinking of not voting for McCain. I will be interested to know how you feel about McCain after you read the book. Please update and let us know your feelings and review the book for us. It must have been some very heavy conversations you had to make you have any doubts about McCain.
Please, keep us posted on the book and the blogs and let us (your readers) know your if your opinion on this subject has changed.