Friday, January 4, 2008

Knee-Jerk Reaction to the Iowa Results

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is getting late and I am still awaiting the final precincts to come in with the results of their Republican caucus votes in Iowa. Moreover, I just completed a tiring week that culminated an arduous (albeit thoroughly enjoyable) month. However, before resting tonight, I feel that I absolutely have to address what occurred tonight in Iowa and in the world of American politics as we finally begin to tangibly select our next President.

I genuinely hope that the passion that I have for these events, the Iowa caucuses and the choosing of our next Commander in Chief, is as evident in this blog as it is in my heart right now.

There is hardly anything that gives me such thrill and anxiety as sports. Yet, tonight as I watched rather impatiently for the political results from Iowa to trickle in, I found my heart pounding and my excitement level on par with what I felt in El Paso on Monday after traveling 2000 miles to watch my university’s football team play in the Sun Bowl. I take pride in cheering on USF’s Bulls in college sports; I am a passionate fan of the NFL’s Eagles. These teams give me such pride and, when they lose, I take their defeat personally. I found myself facing similar feelings tonight. My interest for the caucuses in Iowa was not in passing. It was genuine passion; the same inner fire that I long thought only sport could provoke.

I am relating this passion for a reason. Much is often said of the importance of the “next” generation. Rallies seem to always develop around the concept that there always exists a group of young people that symbolize the future of our country. I genuinely feel that I am a member of this group that represents America’s next leaders. Whether that leadership will be on a battlefield, a corporate setting, a court room, political space, or merely among the neighborhood watch, I feel that I will be there to help take charge and lead the way.

From that perspective of America’s “next” generation of leadership, with the intense desire to contribute to a process so important that it decides the next leader of the Free World, I plead to all readers to please be at least sympathetic to the charge in which I stand so passionately.

There is no hiding that I unequivocally back a single candidate in the running to become the next President of the United States. The endorsement for Fred Thompson is obviously apparent through the images and continued rhetoric on this site. And tonight, I am going to make an impassioned plea on his behalf. However, I would hate for a reader to judge me as partisan or closed to the ideas presented by the others running. In fact, I would love to be the first to congratulate Barack Obama tonight.

In the delivery of his victory speech tonight, I heard one of the more moving political speeches of my young life. The grand ideology that Senator Obama represents is truly moving. I think his elevation to genuine viability as a Presidential candidate is great for America. I am nearly saddened that I disagree so fully with the political platform on which he stands because he is a great and passionate campaigner. I think there is a place in a Republican-led executive for him and the country would be better for it.

However, with that being said, I stand staunchly behind my belief that Senator Fred Thompson is the best qualified candidate to become America’s next President. And, leaving Iowa’s caucuses, I feel that he is in a good position to win the Republican nomination yet.

Here is my theory.

Governor Huckabee did not win the endorsement of Iowa’s Republicans tonight. He received the endorsement of Iowa’s evangelical types. Withdraw the votes of these individuals (whose presence is not nearly as evident in most other states), and the Republican caucus was little more than a wash between Huckabee and Romney with Thompson and Senator McCain close behind. Looking at the results that way, and Huckabee’s victory becomes much less significant.

Now we face an important upcoming debate and then the voting in New Hampshire. While Senator Thompson has no opportunity to place in New Hampshire where he has not campaigned, the debates and the dialogue surely to surface should do little more than tear Huckabee down. ALL of the Republican candidates will now be gunning for Governor Huckabee and his weak conservative record should become obvious. Despite that, either he or Senator McCain should still topple Romney in New Hampshire. This should indicate the beginning of the end for Romney’s campaign.

This all leads to South Carolina’s primary where Senator Thompson is in a position to do very well. He polls well in the southern state and voters there appreciate his long-proven conservative values. However it pans out, the G.O.P. field is wide open and as a candidate that appeals to the party’s base, Thompson looks to undoubtedly move up in the future primaries. But he is going to need help.

And this plea for help is why I write tonight with so much passion.

Senator Thompson’s political ability is strong enough to allow him to seize the Republican Party’s nomination. This is in the best interest of the party, in the best interest of America’s “next” leaders, and in the best interest of the country. What Senator Thompson lacks is monetary assets. I can only do so much. I contribute financially small amounts whenever my college student budget allows. Senator Thompson needs the financial support of those with greater ability to contribute than I. I beg passionately that those that are able to do so contribute to this campaign.

The battle of principles will not prevent Senator Fred Thompson from capturing the White House. He is only limited by the depths of his treasury. It would be such a shame to see such a viable candidate with a potential for victory to have to impede his campaign because of the limitations of money.

Let’s continue to support our candidate. Tonight was a good night for Fred Thompson, the Republican Party and, ultimately, the United States of America. From a passionate, youthful supporter, I encourage you to help make tomorrow just as successful!!

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Diana said...

This article was a good passionaate plea for your candidate and even if I do not endorse Fred Thompson, your ability to communicate to the "next" generation is powerful.
I wish all the young people in this country had the passion you do for the future of the US.
Keep up the good work, it will not go unnoticed.