Sunday, December 23, 2007

Career Army Officer to Run Against Murtha!!!

Today’s post may be a little scatterbrained. I am a bit distracted by my attempts to keep tabs on a wild Eagles game. However, I just got the heads-up on a story that surely will go unnoticed by the mainstream media but is of great value nonetheless. I think this is a news story that fellow conservatives can (and should) really get behind.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to encourage you all to spread the name of William T. Russell. Mr. Russell is running for the House seat in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. This is the seat currently held by Democrat John Murtha. Murtha, despite being a former Marine himself, has delivered more rhetoric on behalf of our enemies abroad than nearly any other individual. Regardless of the service that Representative Murtha dedicated to America while in the Corps, the damage he has done while in Congress has been far more influential. I feel I need to digress no further on the damage that has been encouraged by Murtha save stating emphatically that he must be removed from power!!

And Mr. Russell seems to be a wonderful choice to replace him.

Russell is a career Army officer having served around the world and in the Pentagon. His tours of duty include time in Iraq. He understands the military of TODAY. Moreover, Mr. Russell’s website depicts a platform deep in conservative values: adherence to Adam Smith-inspired free-market values, implementation of the fair tax, dedication to the right to bare arms, willingness to give charity rather than welfare, etc.

Most importantly, however, one should keep in mind, again, that Russell is a modern Army officer. Representative Murtha served in the military of YESTERDAY. Murtha served in a military where commanders denied ground-truths to, instead, better serve the whims of individuals in Washington. And yet, amazingly, Murtha has developed into one of those very individuals in Washington trying to influence a war that has dynamics that Murtha continues to be ignorant. I sense that Mr. Russell will be a needed voice of change.

Pennsylvania’s 12th needs an individual like Bill Russell. And America’s troops abroad need the removal of Representative Murtha. Please spread the word! I think this is a cause worth supporting!

Here is an ARTICLE concerning Mr. Russell’s upcoming bid.
William T. Russell’s website HERE

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