Monday, March 17, 2008

Belated Update

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am so very sorry for not having updated Educated Soldier lately. However, my absence online is based on solid reasoning (unlike some presidential campaigns):

I recently ran a campaign for student government election. Because of my efforts, I was resoundingly chosen to become a student senator. I received more than five hundred votes and outpaced some student body presidents in my support. While to some this may seem somewhat juvenile, my position as a University of South Florida student senator will put me, upon inauguration, at the distributive reigns of a 10 million dollar budget which will be allocated as my senate colleagues and I see fit. As a fiscal conservative, you best bet I look forward to cutting fat wherever I can.

Moreover, I am sustaining a junior year in college in which I hope to maintain my streak of 4.0 semesters. My cumulative GPA is 3.85 but the last three semesters have been my best. This semester promises to be even better because I am studying only material of which I am deeply interested; namely historically accurate research into religious traditions.

On top of all that, I am training hard to become Special Forces qualified. As some of you know, I am currently in ROTC and formerly active duty Army. I plan on turning in my status as an ROTC cadet to obtain Special Forces status because I foresee my life’s work on an Operations Detachment Alpha (Special Forces Team) member before returning from military life to do further public work. I live and breathe to become Special Forces qualified.

Meanwhile, I have been following USF Bulls sports, so my time has been limited. However I have been re-mastering my skills on Paint Shop so look for more updates at Educated Soldier and a total website redesign with updated graphics and info!!

Thank you!!


Diana said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Congratulations on your win for student senator at USF.
More importantly, Bravo on a great GPA. Keep up the good work.
Finally, good luck on your Special Forces pursuit. I know it will be hard work to get accepted but I am sure you will be able to achieve this goal.
Please keep all your reader's in the know on your achievements in student goverment, GPA and SF.

Anonymous said...

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BrianFH said...

It's all good! Superb, in fact. Go, soljer!