Saturday, August 4, 2007

G.O.P. Faithful Demand to Know!

Today’s issue of Educated Soldier is going to be relatively brief so that I can allow us to focus our efforts in something that I feel is very important that we attempt.

As most of you know, there is a CNN / YouTube Republican Party Debate tentatively scheduled for September 17th. While this event may or may not occur given the paltry interest expressed by most of the G.O.P. candidates (besides, notably, Senator McCain, Representative Paul, and Governor Tommy Thompson), it could still be an ample opportunity for Conservatives to truly get to know the hopefuls – if, and only if – the right questions are submitted and subsequently presented to the candidates.

In this vein, I think that I have developed a question that absolutely MUST be asked. It is to be directed to Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani and follows:

“Given certain ambiguities in your ideologies concerning these issues, Conservatives want to know if you would be willing, as President and given the opportunity, to nominate a highly-qualified individual to the Supreme Court whom has in the past ruled strongly in the favor of Pro-Life decisions and against all further Anti-Gun legislation over a more moderate but equally as qualified judge.”

I would submit this question myself; however, I have good reason not to. Most notably is the obstacle that exists in my lack of owning a web-camera. Nor do I have the talent to create a catchy flash animation of, say, a SNOWMAN to ask this question on my “behalf.” Moreover, if more individuals submit this question, or one similar to it, it is much more likely that one will be proposed that is of high-enough quality to warrant presentation at the debate than had I only created one myself.

Furthermore, if you so choose to submit this question feel free to do so without any mention of my name or website. If you want to plug Educated Soldier, feel free. However, my objective is to get this pointed and important question asked, not drive traffic to my website. Also, of course, this question is just a foundation; feel free to edit / add / take away from it as you choose. You may even choose to add a snappy request to its conclusion to demand that “candidates do not dance around the question,” as many of the users did during the Democrats’ debate.

I feel that this is an absolutely essential question. The method in which it is answered will go a long way in separating the ideals of Governor Romney and Mayor Giuliani from the rest of the pack. Or, on the other hand, it could show that they share more in common with the Conservative base than some of us may give them credit. In either case, the answers are sure to be quite telling.

I appreciate any and all effort that can be dedicated to the success of this mission. Thank you!!

Post Script

In developing this question, I got to thinking that this debate may be very beneficial to Fred Thompson. Consider this:

Let’s suggest that he declares just prior to the scheduled date of the debate but with enough time to request his own invitation to participate. If he did just that, I feel that he would put himself into a “win/win” situation. If he demands a spot in the debate, there is the possibility that other Republican candidates will follow. If so, it then shows that Senator Thompson is on the drum and the other hopefuls are following his beat.

If others still refuse to participate in the event than Senator Thompson will only have to compete against fringe candidates with extreme ideals (see, Paul, Ron et al). This is also positive in the following sense. It isn’t wrong to suggest that Senator Thompson already possesses the support of much of the Conservative base. Against competition so extremely to the Right that they seem unelectable, Senator Thompson would benefit by seeming more moderate in relation. This, in turn, would turn modern conservatives in his favor.

And, regardless, it seems given Thompson’s strong oratory skills that he would benefit from action in any debate, given any competition.

And finally…

Given the relative brevity of tonight’s post, I would really appreciate if you check out the following publications that I have made in the last few days. They all regard situations that occurred to me while in Iraq and each of them poses strong questions and deep personal emotion. I dedicated much effort in developing them and would appreciate if they find strong audiences.

Thanks again!!

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