Saturday, May 26, 2007

More on Mr. Thompson

Today: Fred Thompson…

Two anecdotes (neither too terribly important) but the first even less noteworthy then the second. As this is a weekend home from campus, I caught a rare glimpse of Law and Order with my parents today. The episode was taped, so I can’t date it. I can say this, however: it originally aired within the last month or so.

Here’s the point, and excuse me if I don’t recite character names as I am not a fan of the show (or fictional television, for that matter):

The conclusion of the show occurred in Fred Thompson’s office. Apparently, his character is the district attorney. He offers one of his prosecutors the possibility of being his future predecessor with this comment:

“Some day this chair may be empty.”

(Which, of course, it will be when he is too busy campaigning to continue acting in that role.) And, in a nod to real-life current events, his prosecutor responds:

“Oh no… I’m no politician.”

Of course, Fred Thompson chuckles and replies…

“No politician? That’s what everyone says.”

Or something like that; I didn’t transcribe the episode. But as much as it can be, I really think that this short piece of dialogue was reflective of Mr. Thompson’s political desires. Or maybe it was just a satirical comment by a fictional character concerning real-world events. I just hope it’s the former. I absolutely want to see Mr. Thompson run- which brings me to my second point.

Last night, I was flipping through the book, “The Reagan Diaries.” While I lived through Ronald Reagan’s presidency, my young age limits my memory of it. However, as a budding Republican weaving life through political science, government and international studies courses, I see much of his work in retrospect. And I truly look back fondly on his presidency.

While I am a huge supporter of our current President, he lacks something that Mr. Reagan never seemed to be without: a genuine smile. It sounds lame and a rather simplistic method of looking back on a Presidency, but Reagan’s seemingly constant upbeat attitude had to be reflective of the nature that he used to tackle the challenges that faced him. Reading his own words in “Diaries” only restated my assumption that Reagan was genuinely a good guy with our best interests in mind.

So I am flipping through “The Reagan Diaries” and fondly reflecting back on the Reagan administration when I realize that Fred Thompson could be that same person. I can see why, in retrospect, Ronald Reagan holds all of our respect. His true conservatism saved the world not only from the Red Scare but from a Kayne-inspired, social market epidemic that was sweeping quietly across the globe. His guidance, based on his optimism, truly revitalized the free world. I see that same positive attitude in Fred Thompson. Reagan and Thompson have more then similar pre-political thespian careers in common; they have similar spirit and beliefs.

I look to past leaders fondly. However, on the same note, I look at the possibility of Thompson as a future leader excitedly.


Cincinnatus said...

Wonderful analysis, welcome to the team!

Steve B. (WHISKEYBOARDER) said...

I absolutely happy to be associated with your fine set of websites.

Encouraging news on Fred '08 front: sounds like a July announcement!